Marketing & Sales

Parks Canada, Mountain Parks Division
Market Planning Input for Canada's Mountain Parks

In conjunction with PJ Osler & Associates, RCA provided insights regarding the overall and specific visitor experience and visitors' perspective of the mountain parks. The visitors' perspective was garnered from a myriad of customer visitation and geo-demographic data; as well as an analysis of the raw data results from past market research surveys conducted by the Parks Division. The consumer insights identified from this analysis were provided as a direct input to the development of visitor-focused management plans for all seven national mountain parks (Banff, Jasper, Waterton Lakes, Kootenay, Yoho, Glacier and Mount Revelstoke).

Stratton, Vermont
Market Research of Pricing and Amenity Offerings for a Proposed Private Club

RCA provided detailed information regarding the competitive landscape for private alpine clubs and the perceived opportunity at Stratton to the resort management and the parent company executives. With a favorable reception, RCA was then hired to conduct market research of the targeted resort homeowner market to assess interest levels for membership and pricing thresholds. Based on the results from the survey research, RCA prepared an economic feasibility study for the development of the private club that included the club concept, pricing, location, amenities, and key elements to be included in the membership agreements. The Stratton Mountain Club was executed almost entirely to-plan and was a huge success by selling out all of the memberships prior to the start of construction and now enjoys a long waiting list for future members.

American Samoa Visitors' Bureau
Visitor Attraction Marketing and Sales Plan

RCA was hired to create a detailed marketing and sales implementation plan for the newly formed American Samoa Visitors Bureau. The plan was developed to deliver on the target visitor arrivals identified in the Tourism Master Plan that RCA has previously developed for the American Samoa Government. The Visitors Attraction Marketing and Sales Plan included recommendations for branding and positioning, customer segmentation, strategies and goals, Visitors Bureau organizational structure with specific roles and responsibilities identified for each position, marketing efforts and budget, sales efforts and budget, on-island presence and Visitors' Bureau operations.

Mountain Creek, New Jersey
Geo-Demographic Research-Based Marketing Strategy and Positioning

RCA conducted extensive geo-demographic market research, using the company's in-house database and various activity-based consumer databases to assess current market size and approximate penetration. Based on the market research, RCA developed an entirely new marketing growth strategy that focused the marketing efforts on the five surrounding counties rather than in the crowded New York City market place. This strategy was executed and has been pivotal in the resort hitting aggressive growth targets.