Marketing & Sales

The RCA consultants have worked as successful marketing and sales executives in large and small resorts, tourism organizations, and international tour companies. The team leverages their vast experience in travel, hospitality, and tourism to assist you with optimizing your marketing and sales efforts to effectively position your offerings to the target segments and thereby increase market share and profitability. Some of the services provided by RCA to the tourism and hospitality industry include:

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy and Implementation Plans
  • Consumer and Market Trend Analysis
  • Market Research with on/off-line surveys, focus groups, field trials, PRIZM cluster analysis, etc.
  • eMarketing, Distribution and Social Media Strategies and Tactics
  • Segmentation, Branding and Positioning Strategies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Revenue Management Review and Tactical Recommendations
  • Marketing and Sales Audit and Management Assessment
  • New Product Development and Launch Strategies

Whether you need assistance with a specific service, or the full range of marketing and sales services, RCA can help you to develop and implement a successful marketing and sales strategy. RCA also works with marketing specialists and specialty firms, especially in the ever-changing eMarketing arena, to provide a complete marketing solution for on-going operations or real estate launches.

Representative Marketing & Sales Projects