Tourism Planning

The RCA team has worked on numerous tourism-related assignments for tourism agencies, host governments, and private sector suppliers to enhance the role that tourism plays in the local, regional and national economy; while developing visitation growth strategies to be coordinated with the supply of tourism facilities, infrastructure, amenities and well-trained local staff, in an environmentally sensitive, authentic, and sustainable manner. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Tourism Master Plans
  • Public-Private Partnerships and Policies
  • Product, Service and Program Assessment and Development Recommendations
  • Demand Analysis by Geographic and Consumer Segment
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Social and Economic Impact Analysis
  • Framework for Tourism Infrastructure and Policies
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research
  • Human Resource Assessment and Training Recommendations

The RCA team develops tourism strategies and policy recommendations as part of an interactive process with key stakeholders for new and mature tourist destinations, as well as declining destinations that require re-positioning. Many tourism projects involve working as a member of an inter-disciplinary team that includes land and environmental planners, architects, aviation and cruise specialists, developers, government agencies, marina and port authorities, national and regional tourism organizations, and other key stakeholders.

Representative Tourism Planning Projects